Social Awareness


Dr. Umesh Phalke and Max neuro has always been at the forefront of charitable and social medical activities. With this philosophy, the following charitable work is carried out by hospital, Dr. Umesh phalke and the charitable trust headed by Dr. Umesh phalke in last 10 years
Rupasha Medical and Research Foundation

1 Mar 2007 Sant Gadge Maharaj Jayanti: National Hero’s statue cleans up in Pimpari Chinchwad City.
2 24th Nov 2007 Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, Yuva Program & Sports Ministry, Gove of India with organized by “Komi Ekta Saptah”
3 12th Jan 2008 Yuva Din-Non Alcoholic Program organized by “Vyasanmukti Abhiyan” in Pune District & Ahemadnagar District.
4 20 July 2008 Free Health Check up & Medicine distribution camp in occasion Hon. Ajit Dada Pawar (Deputy Chief Minister, Maharashtra).
5 12 Jan 2009 Organized by “Yuva Samelan” Hon. Aazambhai Pansare Hon. Raviraj Sable is present of Chief Guest.
6 8th Feb 2009 Free Eye check up and medicine distribution camp in P. Gurav. Organized by “Pune Shri 2009” Body Building Competition in Sangvi. Hon Dilip Kamble (Ex. St.Minister), Hon. Vinayak Nimhan (M.L.A), Hon. Raviraj Sable our chief guest.
7 24th Aug 2009 Welcome for “Red Ribbon Express” (Project of Govt. Of India)
8 Dec 2009 Given information about Swine Flu.
9 23rd Mar 2010 Organized by Blood Donation Camp (Shahid Din) with presence Hon. Laxman Jagtap (M.L.A.)
10 23rd Mar 2011 Celebrating Shahid Day with youth.
11 Feb 2012 “Plus Polio Drop camp” organized in Pune, Ahemadnagar & Aurangabad District.
12 12th Aug 2012 Free Eye Check up & Glass & Medicine distribution camp in Sangvi, Pune.
13 21 Dec 2012 Rupasha Medical and Research Foundation with Max Neuro Hospital presence by BEST Discount Card for ‘Poor Patient’ in Max Neuro Hospital.
14 23rd Mar 2013 Shahid din – Blood donation camp in Kasarwadi with presence by Hon. Yogesh Behal.
15 26th Mar 2013 Epilepsy Day– Free health Check up &Guidance camp in Max Neuro Hospital, Kasarwadi.
16 7th Apr 2013 “International Health Day” – Free health check up & medicine distribution camp in Phugewadi, with presence by Hon. Dr. Umesh Phalke. Hon. Yogesh Behal, Hon. Raviraj Sable, Hon. Atul Havele.
17 1st May 2013 “Maharashtra Day”- Blood donation camp & free health check up , medicine  distribution camp in Rahuri dist- A’nagar with presence by Hon. Prasad Tanpure (Ex. M.P.) Hon Dattatray Kaware.
18 1 July 2013 Celebrating “Doctor’s Day” in Pimpri Chinchwad with Hon. Doctor’s.
19 1st July 2013 Free health checkup & medicine distribution camp for “Varkari” travelling to Pandharpur in kasarwadi.



  • Maloji Raje Agriculture College Phaltan, 1st prize during annual prize selection in academic section-1989.
  • Lions club of Phaltan, Outstanding student of the year award-1989.
  • Giant group of Phaltan, Outstanding student of the year award-1989.
  • Rotary club of Phaltan, Outstanding student of the year award-1989.
  • Mankind award 2001-Rotatory club of Koregaon 2001.
  • Suresh Kare-Indoco remedies best poster award 1st prize (Neurotrauma 2002, Agra) Outcome predictors for cervical spine injury.
  • 3rd prize (Neurotrauma 2002, Agra) Syringomyelia treatment with syringoplural shunt.
  • “Satara bhushan puraskar” by satara mitra mandal in the hands of MLA Mr. Shashikant Shinde.
  • Nehru yuva Kendra sanghatan (Youth program and sports ministry, Govt. of India (Pune division) 12-1-2009, International human rights association, India, Ahemadnagar, Dist-Maharashtra.